Can You Make It Through This Post Without Going Vegan?

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Posted April 2, 2014 by Annie Leal

1. Let’s start with something basic:

Do you think these piggies are cute?


2. This gif will kill you:

Cow and kitty

Someone call 911. Cuteness overload happening!

3. You already know that fur is gross and cruel.

street team fur hanger

Well, guess what? Chickens, pigs, and cows feel pain just as cute little rabbits do. Don’t you think they deserve the same consideration?

4. Things like this happen at many factory farms and slaughterhouses:

Artificial insemination gif

5. And this:

meat industry gif

6. And THIS:

Egg-Laying Hens Gif

7. Not to mention that this is what 30 seconds of factory farming sounds like:

8. This will blow your mind:

Vegans save an average of 100 animals a year just by leaving animal flesh off their plate! Craaazy, right?

9. DID YOU KNOW? These hotties decided to leave animals off their plate:

Famous vegans peta2 ads

10. Vegan food is ridiculously good.

Vegan food collage


11. ANYTHING CAN BE MADE VEGAN, including this vegan waffle taco—WHAT?!

vegan waffle taco

Vegan sausage, tofu scramble, and vegan cheese—all inside a freaking waffle! GET OUT OF HERE.

12. Mind not blown yet? All of these things are vegan:

Vegan snacks

13. And there’s more:

Chipotle went from heaven … to vegan heaven!


pigs running

According to Professor Donald Broom of the Cambridge University Veterinary School, “[Pigs] have the cognitive ability to be quite sophisticated. Even more so than dogs and certainly [more so than human] three-year-olds.”

15. DID YOU KNOW? Going vegan helps fight world hunger!

peta2 empty plate
16. Take a deep breath. This might be overwhelming:

vegan pie chart


17. You can’t fight it anymore. 


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