Guest Blog: Mindy White of Lydia

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Posted November 30, 2009 by Rachelle Owen

Plain and simple, we love Mindy White. When she’s not on the road with her amazing band, Lydia, Mindy is doing anything she can to spread the word about animal abuse, veganism, and living a compassionate lifestyle. Mindy even starred in our “Animal Testing Breaks Hearts” campaign video!

Just last week, Mindy posted an entry on her blog about going vegetarian or vegan for a day. We loved it so much that we wanted to share it with you!


Here’s Mindy in her own words …

go a day being a vegetarian or vegan.

that’s how i started, and look at me 6 years later now. it’s probably the best choice i’ve ever made.

a friend bet me that i couldn’t go 3 weeks without meat. i’m the type that thrills off of a dare or bet so i, of course, accepted. i had no idea what vegetarians even ate besides like… boring salad & bread. it only took some googling on ‘easy vegetarian substitutes’ & ‘fast vegetarian meals’ & i was sold. i couldnt believe how easy it was, just to buy frozen faux meats and make them like you would regular ones. i had only been going strong without meat for 2 weeks and i noticed my body just THANKING me through feeling amazing & feeling awesome and i was like…yep. this is forever. then i found out 2 years ago i was lactose intolerant (since it can develop in anyone from the absence of dairy) and i had to alter my diet even more. i do miss cheese sometimes, but it’s seriously not hard, and you feel so much better every single day.

so just saying, why not try it? it’s one of the best choices i’ve ever made. and it’s not for a person, or an organization, or any reason besides the fact that meat is flesh, and to me, there’s not difference between the flesh on my body and the flesh on a little animal body. it’s still flesh, and that disgusts me. NOT to mention, what they pump (horomone wise) into the animals they’re killing to sell for meat… and those are going into YOUR BODY causing future weight gain, hormones (giving you girls mustaches haha, and also harming you guys, vise versa… seriously) causing fatigue, illnesses, colds, body odor, diseases, etc.

i say this all cause a have 4 people tell me just tonight that they’ve made the choice to go vegetarian/vegan randomly an they’ve never been more happy. even asking for thanksgiving recipe ideas! i’m planning mine as i type. mmmm …stoked!

🙂 so, good luck! and reblog if you want!




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  • 2324 days ago

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    Mindy u are so beautiful.

  • 2371 days ago

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    That’s exactly how I became a vegetarian. I was bet that I couldn’t be a vegetarian until my birthday, and I did it.

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