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Posted March 8, 2013 by Sara Wirth

We all love helping animals, and everyone loves getting free stuff—so why not combine the two?! By joining our Street Team, you’ll be getting great ideas on how you can speak up for our animal friends every day while at the same time earning points toward FREE goods like T-shirts, buttons, books, and more. Seriously, if you haven’t signed up yet, get on it! 😀

Check out all the ways that these awesome Street Teamers have been earning points this week:

diy street team posterKennedy believes that we should love ALL animals, so she made one of our DIY animal rights posters to spread the word. You can get 2,000 points for making your own!

street team lion artworkstreet team elephant artworkAren’t these pieces awesome? Darcy’s a college student and made these inspiring poster designs for a wildlife project. Such a brilliant way to bring attention to an important cause! If YOU have done any animal rights artwork, be sure to let us know about it—you can get points for it, and we might even feature it in a future blog post!

street teamer ringling circus protestNew Street Teamer Annabelle attended her very first protest this week! Once she found out that Ringling Bros. circus was coming to her town, she decided that it was time to speak out against its abuse. Check out how it all went down:

“The protest went really amazing! … People were very intrigued, and I saw multiple faces drop and people saddened by the photos on the posters. … I feel lucky to have been a part of the protest and plan to protest again for animal rights!

“I just joined peta2 recently and jumped at this opportunity to get involved. The elephants and other animals in the circus deserve a life of freedom and happiness. They don’t deserve the abuse or [poor] living conditions.”

Awesome work, Annabelle! If you want to be an animal rights rock star like Annabelle, you can attend any protest you want and get 1,500 points for it. 🙂

make the connection diseaseWyatt and the other members of his school’s animal rights group all wore hospital wristbands for an entire week to show how animal products = disease. Wyatt even wore this hospital gown to get the point across! Now that’s dedication! You can make your own wristband and get 1,500 points (hospital gown not required).

You’re blowing me away this week, guys!

As you can see from these activists, speaking up for animals can be super-fun and creative. Make sure you join this animal-helpin’ party by signing up for our Street Team—you’ll have a blast AND rack up points for free stuff in no time! 🙂 

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    Screamingly cool Street Team action! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication!

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