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Posted May 27, 2009 by peta2 staff

Hey hey!

All of us on the peta2 Road Crew had an eventful Memorial Day Weekend reminding folks why McDonald’s should actually be called McCruelty. We split the crew in half to do two separate events, one in Detroit and one in Minneapolis.

Those of us in Minneapolis attended Soundset, a day long festival featuring today’s hottest independent hip hop artists. We showcased our McCruelty campaign to those in attendance to make them aware of the horrifying methods of chicken slaughter at the farms McDonald’s purchases their products from. For instance, at these farms, chickens are hung upside down in shackles and have their throats slit while they’re fully conscious. We received an excellent and warm reception from the crowd and many people were stoked to sign. If you want to help us end the cruelty from McDonald’s, head this way!

While we were in Minneapolis, we made sure to stop at one of the city’s finest veg-friendly restaurants. The Triple Rock Social Club has a huge list of yummy vegan menu items. We dove right into some delicious vegan macaroni and cheese and their melty, vegan grilled cheese. Finding mouth watering places in your hometown is super easy if you check this out.

Like every year, we hit up the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, and like usual we had a blast and met some crazy characters! Detroit also jumped on board telling McDonald’s that we’re hatin’ it!

Don’t forget starting VERY soon we will be hitting the road for the summer on the Vans Warped Tour, Rock the Bells, and with our good friends Rise Against (and remember, all four Rise Against members are up for Sexiest Vegetarian Alive—however will you choose?!?!?!).

Keep checking in,
Joey and Paige m/

P.S. Want more on Rise Against? I thought you might …

Click here to check out their interview with Silverstein, and click here to watch their music video Ready to Fall.



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