The 8 Stages of Becoming an Activist

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Posted August 14, 2014 by Nina Kahn

Being an “activist” might sound like some really intense thing … but really it just means you’re fighting to change the WORLD. NBD, right? 😉 The truth is, anyone who gives a sh*t about how animals are being treated can become an animals rights activist!

And no, we didn’t just wake up like this. Here’s how it tends to happen:

1. Getting Emotional

There’s gonna come a time in most people’s lives when they find something out about the world that makes them really angry, shocked, or disgusted—or all of the above. And you’ll feel like total crap about it. Seeing stuff like this will usually do the trick:

Egg-Laying Hens Gif

Chained dog pit bull 1

angora gif

Double Trouble experiment picture

Seeing how badly animals are treated every single day can def make you feel overwhelmed, sad, and kind of just like you want to forget that you ever learned about this stuff. :(

2. Getting Schooled

Once you leave your denial behind and you’re ready to confront the f*cked up reality of the world, you start doing some research. It freaking sucks to find out that animals are having their throats slit for burgers, being skinned alive for fur, and being abused in cruel experiments. The good news? You can help change that!

Danny Leal in peta2 gif

Which leads you to …

3. Making Changes

Big realization: YOUR choices directly affect what’s happening to animals. Every penny you spend is basically saying, “I support this product.” So you start dabbling in the world of vegan food

… and soon discover that you can EASILY live without meat, eggs, and dairy products and that vegan food is THE BEST THING EVER!

vegan food gif

Can you believe that baking vegan cupcakes for your friends is actually a form of activism? When people realize how delicious vegan food can be, they’ll be more open to making a change themselves!

cupcakes at hug a vegan day party

You’ll start buying cruelty-free makeup instead of gross crap that’s tested on animals. Thankfully, there’s plenty to choose from. :)

makeup with faces

And in no time, you’ll be swapping out your leather and wool items for cruelty-free fashions instead. The skin and hair of abused animals in my wardrobe? Umm, no thanks.


4. Speaking Out … Online

Once you know that you have the power to make a difference for animals, you want to be VOCAL about it rather than keeping it to yourself! So you start sharing, re-tweeting, and re-gramming peta2’s posts like crazy. What’s Facebook for if not for speaking your mind?!

… Well, duh, it’s also for sharing your drool-worthy vegan food photos! Being vegan does NOT mean iceberg lettuce salads, y’all. #veganfoodporn

food instagram collage

5. Reppin’ Your Cause

Soon you’re so into spreading the good word about animal rights that you want to speak your mind without having to say ANYTHING. Perfect solution? A peta2 T-shirt (or five).


Aaaand you might just go all-out crazy and decorate your locker.

Locker with peta2 stickers.

And, ya know, make DIY bracelets. What?! It’s #craftivism. :)

vegan and free tilly bead bracelets

6. Leaflets and Stickers: Game-Changers

If you haven’t already, you’ll probably order a butt-load of awesome free materials from peta2 and very quickly become a leaflet and sticker ninja!

You’ll be leaving leaflets wherever you possibly can …

leafleting (If you do want to go the leaflet-under-windshield wiper route, make sure it’s legal in your city before you get going!)

… and stickin’ those stickers ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE (with permission, of course)!

peta2 stickers

You’re practically guaranteed to have a purse or pocket full of peta2 goodies at all times. :)

7. Getting LOUD

When you’re ready, you attend your first protest, along with other rad animal rights activists, and you learn the power of “grassroots activism” and talking to people about important issues face to face!

seaworld pasadena protest

Soon enough, you might even lead your OWN demonstration (and remember, peta2 can help by hooking you up with signs, leaflets, stickers, and more)!

Students having fun protesting Ringling Bros.

Even just grabbing a friend and leafleting on the corner of a McCruelty for an hour can make a HUGE impact on the people you talk to.

Leafleting at McDonald's

And on those days when you’re too lazy to leave the couch, you know you can still make your voice heard by taking action via online action alerts, doing peta2 missions, signing petitions, and writing letters to companies who are doing cruel sh*t to animals!

texting online activism

Thank GODZILLA for the new peta2 iPhone app, which makes doin’ all this stuff sooo easy. Now you can flex your activism muscles while on a walk, at the store, in class (shhh), or wherever! :) Plus, it’s free—get it NOW.

8. Changing the F*cking World for the Better

With every act of activism—big or small—we’re helping to change this world for animals who are being used for food, entertainment, skins, and experiments. Whether it’s by ordering the tofu scramble instead of eggs at brunch or hosting a huge demo with all your friends at a fur store, being an activist means NEVER BEING SILENT about things that are WRONG.


Ready to dive into being a kick-ass, full-fledged superstar animal rights activist?! YOU CAN DO IT! Join peta2’s Street Team:

Join the peta2 Street Team and Get Free Stuff! button

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    As a kid, I was and am still curious about the great big world we live in, and I thought nothing of animal abuse. But for some or no completely good reasons, I was getting sicker and weaker. Then one day I heard about PETA while I was on the internet. I got a little curious, and I went veg after finding out meat was one of the reasons I was sicker. Right now, I'm still trying to give up meat for my health. But I'm getting there!