They Shine Bright Like a Diamond!

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Posted March 1, 2013 by Sara Wirth

These Street Teamers’ star power is shining bright this week after all their awesome work for animals—which is why we wanted to dedicate this week’s blog post to all that they’ve been doing!

Check ’em out:

make the connection disease wristbandmake the connection diseaseDid you know that some of the world’s most deadly diseases are linked to eating meat, dairy products, and eggs and are actually totally preventable? Destiny and Clara do! Raise awareness by making your own wristband here.

fur hag hanger tagUsing our anti-fur hanger tags, Arista showed that she’s not down with having bunnies or other animals get anally electrocuted or skinned alive. Get 1,500 points for displaying your own hanger tags here!

street teamer with ear tagJairo proudly displayed his ear tag from one of my fave missions to show how cows are more than just a number. Listen to how awesome this guy is:

“I love this! I decided to wear it like an earring, and since I don’t have a piercing, I attached it with a paper clip. I wore it to school all day, and people were staring at me. Some stopped to ask what I was wearing and what it is that I am representing. Other people said I looked cool with it and should permanently have it on. I love this—I’m going to wear it once a week!”

Apparently it’s one of Jairo’s favorite missions as well. You can speak up for cows by making your own!

tabling at showRyan decided to use his band’s (Chemistry in Motion) show to speak out against animal testing!

“The tabling went awesome! We got a bunch of signatures on the petitions, got a lot of fliers handed out—it was awesome. I wanted to speak up for animals because I feel like there aren’t enough people doing it. I’ve been a peta2 Street Teamer for over two years and completed a good number of missions, and now that I have a band, I want to use that publicity to bring attention to the public.”

Right on, Ryan! If you want to be a rock star for animals and table for an event or at your school, you can order free materials like Ryan did by e-mailing us at [email protected]. 🙂

Way to go this week, guys!

Do YOU want to be in next week’s blog post? All you gotta do is sign up for our Street Team! It’s totally free to join, and it’ll give you great ideas on how you can help animals while earning points toward getting all this FREE stuff. Yeah, did I mention everything is free?

Helping adorable animals, winning free goods, and gaining immortality by making it into a peta2 blog post—looks like it’s time for you to get started! 🙂 


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    Great job! Love these animal crusaders!

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