9 Ways You're Like a Fish

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Posted October 18, 2012 by peta2 staff

Aside from their scales and their ability to breathe underwater, we share a lot of similarities with fish! Don’t believe me? Check out these nine ways that fish are just like us:

1. We have fishy features. I’m not saying that you’re a mermaid, but the way that your face developed is shockingly similar to that of a fish. Your eyes started out on the sides of your head, and your top lip, jaw, and palate began as gill-like structures on your neck.

woman and fish face2. Do you have a green thumb? So do fish! Damselfish were found taking care of and harvesting algae gardens before it was considered cool.

3. I’m pretty sure you can read a clock. One fish named Bentley understood the length of time that he spent waiting for a meal!

Purple blue fish

4. You might see this shark at a family reunion! Some 450 million years ago, sharks and humans shared a common ancestor. How freaking cool is that?

shark head

5. Just like you and me, fish can feel pain. They even learn how to avoid it!

Fishing is cruel

6. You’re not the only one capable of rocking a Mohawk. Check out this fish’s awesome style!

Fish with mowkawk

7. Do you remember what you did yesterday? Goldfish can remember things for up to five months. And other fish can remember events up to 40 years ago in human time (they have better a memory than I do!).

Small goldfish

8. Fish use forks just as you do. OK, maybe not forks. But they do use tools to crack open clam shells.


9. Love your doggie? So do fish—check out this adorable video!

Share this blog post with your friends, and don’t forget that the best way to help fish (and all animals!) is by going vegan. 🙂




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