I'm Starting a New Group: Gamers Against Cruelty (GAC)

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Posted March 3, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

You’re all invited to join, so long as you can beat Zelda on SNES … blindfolded. A Street Teamer sent in this Sims modthat she designed, and I thought it was pretty great. Interesting fact of the day: did you know that pigs like to play video games? I speak the truth!

Speaking of video games, the Think Geek contestis almost over, so unless you want to be the lamest lamer at the next GameCon, you had better enter to win that gamer clothing for your wearing!

I chuckled a little bit when I saw this quiz on someone’s blog (notice the bolded/underlined question). It’s pretty ridiculous, but what the heck:

How emo are you?
Add up the statements that apply to you.
[ ] I listen to Dashboard Confessional
[ ] I have cried myself to sleep
[ ] I have woken up crying
[1] have cried over an ex
[ ] i have cried in a corner
[2] I have cried next to a window
[ ] I own a billion sweaters
[3] I own an argyle sweater
[ ] almost NONE of them fit properly
[ ] i wear chick pants
[ ] I wear eyeliner
[ ] my eyeliner is black…and ONLY black
[ ] My friend gave me eyeliner for Christmas
[ ] I cried out of joy when I got that eyeliner
[4] I have all 12 myspace pictures
[ ] most of them are of my head in wierd lighting, are black and white or are of me in weird hats/fancy clothes
[ ]
[5] I’ve written songs about a breakup
[ ] I still cry when I read the lyrics
[6] I play guitar
[ ] It’s almost ALWAYS acoustic
[ ] I keep a dream journal
[ ] I have at least one stuffed animal on my bed at all times
[ ] I change my default pic often
[ ] I would NEVER step foot into Hot Topic
[ ] I paid for my cell phone ringer
[ ] I cry every time I hear it, bc its one of my favorite songs
[7] I dont personally know 99.99999 percent of my myspace friends
[ ] Nobody understands the real me
[ ] I have dyed my hair black, blue or deep red
[8] I am a straightedge
[ ] I dont hang out with non-edges
[ ] I have friends who have never seen my haircolor
[ ] Real punks tend to beat me up alot
[ ] I am a camera Whore
[ ] I love to have girls do my hair and make-up
[ ] There is a phrase such as “music is my boyfriend” on my myspace
[9] i love to give and recieve hugs
[ ] i hate germs
[ ] I have been to a therapist
[ ] It was because my mom didnt understand me
[ ] I am self-concious all the time
[ ] like the way I look when Im crying
[ ] I dont do sports.
[ ] I just stand around during Punk/Ska concerts
[ ] I cant skank
[10] I have borrowed clothing from a member of the opposite sex before
[11] I know that Emo stands for emotional
[ ] I usually spend over an hour to get ready to leave my house
[ ] I only have like 5 billion hair products
[ ] I am Gay or Bisexual
[ ] I spend so much time on myspace that I know HTML
[ ] One of my myspace pictures is of me crying
[ ] My best feature is my hair
[ ] My special talent is to be able to “emo flip” my hair
[ ] One of my myspace pictures is of me making a kissy face
[ ] I almost never spend more than two dollars on a shirt
[ ] I reapply my eyeliner up to 200 times a day
[ ] I have wished I was never born
[ ] “caring is creepy” means something to me
[ ] I know who that song is by
[ ] I just started listening to their cd
[ ] And now I’m crying
[12] I know that Sunny Day Real Estate is not a real estate agency
[13] I have their cd
[ ] Guys with mohawks are hot
[ ] I dislike animals which are bigger than me
[ ] This includes large dogs
[ ] I have never gotten a detention
[ ] Mostly because I cried my way out of it
[ ] My screen Name has X’s in it
[ ] My Screen Name has the words bleed, tears, dream in it
[ ] My screen name has a combination of those words in it
[14] I write my own poetry and songs
[ ] I never get around to putting a melody or chords to it though
[ ] I have stayed home from school because I was depressed
[ ] Valentines day makes me think of how awful my life really is
[15] Black band t’s
[ ] Saucony Shoes
[ ] or Converse
[ ] in a color other than black?
[ ] In a bright color?
[16] messenger bag?
[ ] adorned with pins?
[17] patches?
[ ] kept on the bag with safety pins?
[18] I’m all about being vegetarian
[19] I am friends with “peta2” on myspace
[ ] i check my myspace everyday
[ ] I can take any word and quote a song with that word in it
[ ] I say goodbye on the internet with one of these [ ] I have sung “screaming infedelities”
[ ] I change my myspace constantly
[ ] I am welling up with tears

We’re freaking everywhere! Oh, and I guess I’m not all that emo? I wish that word never existed. Life would be much better.

Did you hear?

Be friends with PETATV on YouTubeand watch our videos!


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