Is The West Coast The Best Coast?

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Posted December 28, 2007 by peta2 staff

I’ve lived on the east coast my entire life. But I have to admit that it seems like the other side of the country is pretty damn cool too. For instance, the group Californians for Humane Farms has launched a groundbreaking ballot initiative campaign to place the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act on the November 2008 ballot. I know all this legislative stuff sounds a bit boring, but it’s really important to reduce suffering for all the veal calves, pigs suffering in gestation crates, and egg-laying hens packed into tiny, filthy cages. If this law is put into place, it will really deal a blow to huge factory farms while supporting family farmers and improving conditions for animals!

If you are up for getting involved in this historic step to help animals, please check this out. Tell your parents, teachers, friends, and anyone who is a registered California voter. You need to get registered California voters to sign their support for this important piece of legislation. If you have any questions just look here for the answers. Seriously. It’s important to take a long-lasting step in the animal protection movement by getting involved in this campaign. If you’re in California help them out… solidarity and all that good stuff, right?

I mean, anyone who has seen the new investigation we did into a pig farm or can imagine the suffering of these poor hens in cages for their entire lives knows that animals on factory farms need your help now. California is a huge state with a lot of influence on agriculture so please work to support the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act.

In other news about how the west coast is so freaking lucky, I wanted to explain my jealousy towards people in California, Oregon, Washington, and even Nevada. You get to see Last of The Believers (featuring Chris formerly of Rise Against on their tour with legendary hardcore punk band the Circle Jerks. I wish I could go, but since I can’t I’d love for you to check out a show in January and let me know how it went. Dates are on the Last of the Believers MySpace page.

And then another reason I’m envious of west coasters is that my favorite musician, Ben Kenney (you might know him better as the vegetarian bass player for an incredible band called Incubus) is playing shows out there! If you have never heard him yet, you’re missing out. Dates are on Ben Kenney’s MySpace page. And his new video is so amazing that I’m including it here for you to enjoy!

What do you think of humane farms, Last of the Believers, and/or Ben Kenney? I know that I wouldn’t mind spending some time in California in January, ya know what I’m saying? Good music and amazing activism are really all that I need to be content. Umm, that and some vegan ice cream.




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  • 2960 days ago

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    A vegan mini mall just opened in Portland Oregon!!!

  • 2963 days ago

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    hell yeah the West coast is the best, my sister lives in california now and she knows so many vegetarians from oregon. I can’t wait till i go out to school in Cali so i can actually go out to eat –theres barely anywhere with vegan options hUR
    and yeah, everyone performs there, i don’t blame them haha

  • 2966 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    YES! The West Coast is definitely the Best Coast! đŸ˜€

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