Joaquin Goes to the Dogs

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Posted June 23, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

I really couldn’t love Joaquin Phoenix more … unless of course he were Davey Havok. But seriously, who else could work that mad sexy priest angle and then turn around and look that adorable in a tiny tinfoil cap? It’s that chameleon quality that’s helped make him so sought-after. I mean he’s crazy busy filming Oscar-winning flicks and scoring Golden Globes and yet he still finds time to help the animals and that only makes me love him more. Like how he always asks for non-leather shoes and boots for all of his roles and poses for anti-fur ads. And have you seen Earthlings? Not to mention the time he starred in PETA’s very first pro-vegan TV commercial. I know I’d let him push my grocery cart.

Now our hero’s coming to the defense of chained dogs in Cali by asking all the state senate to support anti-tethering Bill 1578. If passed, the bill will ban the hideous practice of chaining, which is even worse than being forced to sit through Celine Dion’s Vegas show. (What is wrong with that woman, seriously, I’ve got five bucks for the first person who can explain it to me.) Chaining dogs is not only terribly cruel to our canine pals, but also dangerous to people, especially kids. Check out what Mr. Phoenix had to say:

*Sigh* he’s just so good. You don’t have to be a celeb to help chained dogs in your area, so find out how you can help end chaining in your community and get some of these cute stickers too. Joaquin would want you to.

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