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Posted April 14, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

As if the Canadian seal hunt wasn’t bad enough, now there’s one more reason to “blame Canada”. Earlier this week on CBC’s “Sounds Like Canada” talk radio show, I heard one of the most disgusting things ever: host Shelagh Rogers did a 21-minute piece on seal flipper pie. You heard right, a pie … made of seal flippers. Seriously, what person in their right mind would eat that? That’s like eating your dog’s paws. I can’t believe that this woman actually went on for 21 minutes about how to prepare a seal’s flipper.
Listen to the piece here (try not to vomit), then write, call, and fax to let CBC and Shelagh know that you’re sickened by their broadcast:

Sounds Like Canada
CBC Radio
Box 4600
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 4A2
Phone: 604-662-6608
Fax: 604-662-6025

I still can’t get over it, I mean… seal flipper pie! WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?

Elsewhere in the world of radio, vegetarian pro surfer Anastasia Ashley appeared on the Adam Corolla show yesterday morning to talk about surfing, her upcoming calendar, and her new “Ocean Creatures: Too Beautiful to Kill” ad for peta2.

Check out the official Adam Corolla Show blog at for more.
Speaking of ocean creatures, check out the latest Street Team mission if you haven’t yet… you know those red stickers that say “Eating Animals” that seem to always end up on stop signs? Weird, huh? Well, we have similar red stickers that say “Fishing”, and you can get one for free by going HERE and filling out the form with your name and mailing address. Once you receive your sticker, send us a photo showing how you used it to help STOP fishing and we’ll give you peta2 Street Team points which you can exchange for t-shirts, CDs, buttons, stickers, and more. Pretty sweet, I know.

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