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Posted April 27, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

Le Tigre for

True to their “You hear it first” slogan, MTV News secured an exclusive behind the scenes look at the photo shoot for Le Tigre’s peta2 ad where they were able to get at the band for some questions of their own. Here’s a little blurb from MTV about the ad:
Le Tigre’s most well-known issue is feminism, but the activist punk-electronica band is also taking on animal rights in a PSA the trio just shot for PETA. With the slogan “Don’t let your honey wear a bunny,” the band poses with its own pet bunny, Karen. During the photo shoot, Kathleen Hanna explained to MTV News that while they prefer this sort of “softer, gentler” anti-fur approach, methods like throwing fake blood on people seems to yield more results. “A lot of models won’t wear fur because they don’t want to be embarrassed publicly,” she said.
MTV has done such a wonderful job covering everything that peta2 does, and we love them for it. Do yourself a favor, and check out MTV Overdrive, the ultimate broadband video channel, at

Get Veggie Burgers in Your Cafeteria
With the help of Veg Advantage, peta2 is making the task of getting vegan options added to your school’s cafeteria a piece of vegan cake. Veg Advantage is a national consulting group that helps food-service professionals add healthy dining options to their menus. Get your school to contact Veg Advantage, and they’ll take it from there. You’ll be eating veggie burgers and vegan ices cream in no time, and for your help in the process, you’ll even get a whopping 3,000 Street Team points. All the info on this latest mission can be found here.
Speaking of veganizing cafeterias, here’s a photo from our friends at Marywood University who have gotten all sorts of vegan entrees and desserts added to their campus’ menu. Street Teamer Eileen Botti and her group held a bakesale with yummy vegan cookies, cupcakes and more, and gave away peta2 buttons and patches from

Marywood Vegan Bakesale

Be Like Andy Dick and Call Wet Seal
Comedian Andy Dick is the latest celeb to join in peta2’s campaign against Wet Seal. Andy recorded a phone message for Wet Seal employees, asking them to encourage their company to stop selling fur.


Andy Dick Calls
Wet Seal

If Andy Dick can do it, what’s stopping you? On Thursday, April 28, we want each and every one of you to take a few minutes to call Wet Seal CEO Joel Waller at 1-888-410-0300, extension 4734. Let Joel (or his voicemail) know that you and your friends and family are boycotting all of Wet Seal’s stores until he puts in writing a permanent fur-free policy.
Remember, each call to that 888 number costs Wet Seal money. Think about that the next time you walk by a payphone at the laundry mat, the gas station, etc. Also, check the Wet Seal store locator to find stores in your area. Ask managers and other employees to contact their corporate office to encourage Mr. Waller to do the right thing and make Wet Seal fur-free today and always.

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