LGBT Pride + Animal Rights = ♥

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Posted June 27, 2012 by Amelia Banzi

We love LGBT Pride Month! PETA has always received a tremendous amount of support from the gay community, which makes sense because people who have faced discrimination because of their sexual orientation also tend to be sympathetic to the plight of animals, who are abused simply for being different.

Perhaps it’s no surprise then that in a recent spotlight on the most LGBT-friendly college campuses, those schools known for their acceptance of oppressed people are the same schools that lead the nation in offering their students cruelty-free cuisine.

By teaching respect for animals, we can also nurture attitudes of compassion toward humans. In the words of a very wise man (aka Martin Luther King Jr.), “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” That is to say that no oppression, disrespect, or violence belongs in our world, in our schools, or on our plates.

Happy Pride, everybody!


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    1514 days ago

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    Proud Bisexual.
    Proud Vegetarian. <3

  • Profile photo of Rhayemun

    1517 days ago

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    I am a proud transman and active vegan!! Animal Liberation + Human Equal Rights=FREE FOR ALL

  • Profile photo of trinket84

    1518 days ago

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    Human freedom, animal rights! One struggle, one fight! Thank you PETA2 for supporting the LGBT community! Liberation for ALL animals!

  • 1521 days ago

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    […] LGBT Pride + Animal Rights = ♥ […]

  • Profile photo of sageisnotaplant

    1522 days ago

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    I am so glad that PETA supports the LGBTQ community!

  • Profile photo of littlelambkc

    1523 days ago

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    This works both ways for me! Just as much as I love meeting cruelty-free people in the LGBT community, it’s always great to meet accepting people in the animal rights community. 🙂

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