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Posted October 28, 2009 by peta2 staff

The winter season is just around the corner, and there are already places getting covered in snow. The answer of how to melt that snow—METAL! Okay, metal music won’t really melt the snow, but I know of some fellas in the Southwest that really don’t have to worry about seeing snow. My pals in the band When Death Becomes You have been a part of peta2’s Next Big Thing for quite some time now, and their help with getting people to sign petitions has been greatly appreciated. To show how thankful we are for their hard work I asked Alex, the singer, some questions about their involvement with peta2. Check what he had to say, and let me know what you think of their music!


Name of band: When Death Becomes You
Band members: Alex Camacho, Justin Castro, Mike Beats, Noah Van Haren, and Stephen Hernandez.
From: Willcox, AZ

1. Where does the band name, When Death Becomes You, come from?
The band name came to us from a movie, Death Becomes Her, we watched a couple years back when we were much younger. So, while we were practicing one day we tried coming up with different band names, but none would fit to our style except that one. So we thought we would make it our own and just change it up a little bit, so we came up with “When Death Becomes You.” So far that name by itself has gotten us a whole bunch of recognition and the crowd loves the performances we put on at our shows, and we love them back.

2. What inspired the band to contact peta2 for petitions, literature, and play investigation videos at your shows?
Actually, that is kind of by fate. I know it sounds pretty corny, but one day we were sitting at home practicing and all of a sudden I was like, ‘hey guys, you want to help out peta2?’ I told them they didn’t have to stop eating what they eat to help (because that’s what they thought at first). Most were like ‘I love meat but I hate the way animals are treated and if we could help then we shall do so.’ So it took me a while, but finally I contacted Cody without knowing who he was, and he was such a cool guy. He also guided us through every little bit of info. We don’t think animals should be treated unfairly and we love the idea that we could get others at our shows to reach out to peta2 and help the campaign against cruelty to animals.

3. What peta2 campaign(s) have When Death Becomes You helped with, and what made you want to pick the campaign(s)?
We have helped with the Meat’s Not Green and McCruelty campaigns. So far we have picked up more than 300 signatures. I know it’s not much, but we will continue spreading the word at our shows and get more followers, and I know we can because most shows we play are filled with vegans and vegetarians or people just really against the cruelty towards animals. We have passed out DVDs, and people come up to us at our next shows to tell us ‘thank you’ for showing them the reality of this world we are living in, and how not even animals could live a peaceful life. Most people even cried while watching the videos with us. We love peta2 and will keep supporting for years to come.

4. What advice do you have for other bands that want to spread the word about animal rights at their shows?
Please, if you want to spread the word about peta2, and the cruelty done to animals, make sure you talk to the crowd as much as possible about it. Sure, there will be some haters at your shows and some who will help you out, but even then, you should still be polite to your crowd and ask them for their support. Even if they don’t want to stop eating flesh, if someone is rude to you don’t be rude back because we know that two wrongs doesn’t make a right. Also, make sure you have some peta2 videos to pass out at shows and some stickers and fliers, etc. Please keep supporting peta2 because they are a great group of people. If you help them out they will do so back, and be polite to the peta2 person you write to or talk to.

There you have it folks! Go check out their music, and if you’re in Arizona head out to one of their shows!



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  • 2384 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    These guys are amazing live!!

  • 2404 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    These guys are awesome!
    I don’t like metal music, but I will check them out.

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