More Window Protests at Bebe and Burberry!

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Posted November 21, 2006 by Marta Holmberg

Just a few days after PETA UK appeared in Burberry’s window in London, four Canadian activists rose to the occasion and jumped up into the window of Bebe’s store in Vancouver on Sunday holding a huge banner reading “Death Fur Sale –”.

Can you believe it? And the store’s manager locked the doors to keep the activists inside while waiting for the police, so because of Bebe itself no one was able to come in to shop for several hours. When the police finally did arrive, the four people in the window were just asked to leave. See … even the police know fur is cruel!

Aside from stopping every passer by dead in their tracks, the protest also got lots of media attention, including 24 Hours Vancouver and this article in the Vancouver Sun:

VANCOUVER – An animal rights group prompted a Robson Street clothing store to close for several hours on Sunday, after protesters entered the shop and took over its window display with an anti-fur demonstration.

About a dozen protesters with the activist group Liberation BC gathered outside the Bebe store at Robson and Burrard St. around noon, wearing placards showing skinned and captured animals. Four others inside held up a banner in the window that read “Death fur $ale,” and repeatedly chanted, “Don’t buy fur.”

“If people didn’t buy fur, there would be no fur industry,” said Liberation BC spokeswoman Jan Olson. “The fur industry is the cruelest animal industry, and it’s not even necessary. It’s for fashion.”

As if that all weren’t enough, earlier today, four activists walked into the Burberry store in New York City armed with signs reading “When Plaid Goes Bad”. All four were picked up by security (literally) and removed from the store, but not before one activist managed to get inside the Burberry store window and start spreading fake blood all over it. Once outside, the activists started chanting “No more cages, no more traps, no more fur on Burberry racks!” and “Burberry tortures animals!” while one animal defender spread fake blood on the outside of the Burberry window display. The police arrived within a few minutes and arrested all four of the people who had entered the store, while the remaining protestors who had come to help out, carried right on leafleting and showing graphic video to everyone who passed by.

All you store owners/managers: If you sell fur, you might have some rather angry guests in your window one day soon.


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