Mustache Monday Band Edition: Winds Of Plague

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Posted December 6, 2010 by peta2 staff

In the spirit of our “Grow Your Own Fur” campaign, we though we’d check in with a few bands that have some serious facial “fur.” Orange County has a great crop of bands, and Winds Of Plague is no exception. Their bassist Andrew Glover was kind enough to answer these questions, show off his awesome mustache, and share why fur sucks. Check it out!

How long have you be vegan?

I’ve been vegan for about 8 years. I was introduced to it through the Southern California hardcore scene. A lot of bands coming through would talk about it, and it was something that just made sense. At first I felt overwhelmed by how difficult I thought it was but decided to give it a solid shot. First I gave up meat, then eggs, and dairy. After testing the waters for about a month, I realized how easy it could be and my “attempt” turned into a lifestyle change that has stuck ever since.

Why does fur suck?

Fur sucks for a lot of reasons. Primarily it makes you look like a real asshole (a-hole). Either you’re wearing a Mink coat and looking something like Cruella Deville or you’re trying to do the Davey Crocket thing a couple centuries too late. Nobody looks good in fur, plus it smells bad. I think most people are desensitized to the fact that animals are killed for their clothes. However, most people are pretty self conscious so they should realize when they are making an ass of themselves.

How long has the ‘stache been going?

I think I ceased to properly groom my face about a year ago. I thought that if I grew a beard that I could cover up the goofy look that constantly adorns my face. I failed miserably but kept going. After a few too many “random” security checks I opted to go strictly stache. I think it’s an okay look. I am trying really hard to look like a ’20s villain, and if I can get a cape and a decent eye piece I’ll be pretty set. Not looking like the dancing old guy from the Six Flags commercials anymore had been an added benefit if as well.

What advice do you offer your fans when they ask about your lifestyle?

When fans ask me about vegetarianism or veganism I tell them how easy it is. I think one of the biggest things is knowing that you aren’t going to be able to be perfect at it from the beginning. It needs to be more of a growing thing that you take on a little bit at a time. Learning to make some decent cookies can really help keep you on track too. You should also prepare for your friends to call you a hippy and make fun of you. They’ll also be the ones that are devouring those cookies you made.

What does Winds Of Plague have coming up that’s exciting?

Winds of Plague has a new record coming out this coming spring which is really exciting. We tried to make a record that our die-hard fans want to come sing along to and go nuts. It really portrays where we’re at now. Last album we did the nerdy concept album which was cool, but now we are getting back to our roots and doing the fun record that hopefully all of our fans will love

On top of that we are currently doing a headlining run in the US with our good friends in After the Burial, immediately followed a support tour that will be announced very soon.

This summer we were going to head back to Europe and then hit the road on a large festival tour that I’m sure everyone can guess since we participated in its cousin tour last summer.



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