Nicholas Gonzalez Knows Fur is Cruel

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Posted April 20, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

Actor Nicholas Gonzalez and his canine pal Jack recently posed for an ad for peta2 with the tagline “If you wouldn’t wear your dog, please don’t wear any fur”. The former OC star’s ad states, “The only difference between your ‘best friend’ and animals used for their fur is how we treat them. All animals feel pain and suffer.”
Since launching this ad, peta2 has received tons of e-mails from Nicholas’ fans whose eyes have been opened to the plight of animals on fur farms. Click the image below to view the ad in full and B roll footage from the photoshoot.

Click the ad for more info and to view B roll footage from the photoshoot.

Not only has Nicholas added a link to the ad to his official Web site,, but he has also created these lovely wallpapers to go along with it!

Napalm Death’s Vegetarian Frontman
Mark “Barney” Greenway of Napalm Death told peta2 in an interview that his choice to go vegetarian at age 14 was a permanent one. Mark watched a video way back when that showed animals being shot in the head with bolt guns, and instantly he knew that he could never eat meat again. 21 years later, the horrors that Mark and his classmates witnessed is still reality for billions of animals raised for food each year. Read the interview with Mark for more of what he had to say about vegetarianism, buying non-leather shoes, and why many of Napalm Death’s songs have an animal rights message.
Moby and PETA Go Way Back
Moby and PETA have worked together in the past, and will certainly be sticking close for a long time to come. You may recall when Moby lent his voice for PETA’s Thanksgiving hotline, asking that people choose compassion and skip turkey for the holiday. Now the musician has teamed up with peta2 to give one lucky winner a pair of tickets to his show in London. You must live in the UK to win this contest, but don’t worry all you US folks, because you can still sign up to table at one of Moby’s shows in your area!
Oh yeah, here’s a photo from Moby’s recent visit to PETA’s headquarters in Norfolk, VA. Moby came by for a tour of the office a few hours before his Norfolk show, a show that yours truly had the pleasure of attending.

Moby for PETA

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