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Posted June 2, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

Jack here with a couple of updates for your bad selves while Noah’s away on a well-earned vacation in the UK. Don’t tell Noah I said this, but I was totally inspired by the fact that even on his vacation, he’s taking time to speak up for the chickens who are bruised, crippled, cut open, and scalded alive every day, by organizing demos against KFCs all across England. Go Noah! And thanks to everyone who came out to support him. Here are some pics:
Noah demo 1.JPG
Noah demo 2.JPG
So, a little while back we had a contest on the site where we listed peta2’s favorite video games and asked everyone to vote on which one was the best. Animal Crossing, Fable, Sonic Riders, Me and My Katamari, Deer Avenger, and Resident Evil 4 made the final cut because they all have a strong message about looking out for animals (as well as being pretty sweet games). My vote was for Sonic because, even though the Sonic games have kinda been getting crappier with every new sequel, I felt like Sonic himself deserved a little recognition for freeing all those animals from that bastard Dr. Robotnik for the last 15 years. The final results of the contest were:
First place: RESIDENT EVIL 4 (by a freakin’ landslide)
Second place: SONIC RIDERS
Third place: FABLE
Fourth place: ME AND MY KATAMARI
Sixth place: DEER AVENGER
So there you have it! The next contest we have should be for the 10 most-wanted animal abusers. These villains are my top 3. Who’s on your list?

Mary J. Blige must be wearing, like, a whole family on her back in that picture. She makes Dr. Robotnik seem like a down-to-earth, friendly dude that you’d want to bring home to meet your family.
P.S. If by any chance you’re going to be in Toronto on 6/6/06, you should check out Welcome to Hell at Machinehead. It’s an after-party for the Flip skateboarding team’s Feast Tour stop in Toronto. Kill Cheerleader‘s going to be playing, and Geoff Rowley, Bob Burnquist, Arto Saari, and other such skateboarding badasses are going to be there too. Oh yeah, and it’s sponsored by peta2!


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