Open Letter to Wet Seal CEO Joel Waller

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Posted April 18, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

Joel Waller Murders Rabbits

We all know that Wet Seal butchers bunnies, but what you may not have known is that Wet Seal shares the responsibility for the murder of baby harp seals in Canada. The sealing industry is killing more and more seals each year because of stores like Wet Seal who continue to sell fur. PETA wrote a letter to Wet Seal CEO Joel Waller, asking him to accept some of the blame for the slaughter of these innocent creatures:
Right now, the Canadian government is allowing the killing of up to 350,000 baby harp seals – that’s more than one-third of all those born-mainly for their fur. This is the largest number of seals killed by hunters in at least half a century. The sealing industry says that it is killing more seals because of an increase in demand for fur – all fur. Anyone who sells a mink or fox fur coat or even a jacket trimmed in rabbit fur bears responsibility for the death of these baby seals.
As the CEO of a major youth clothing chain, you help set fashion trends – especially for the much sought-after youth market. Knowing this, the fur industry courts companies like yours aggressively, hoping that the promise of fur dollars will convince you to peddle pelts to kids.

Read the rest of PETA’s letter, and contact Mr. Waller yourself today!

Joel N. Waller, CEO
Wet Seal, Inc.
26972 Burbank
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610
1-800-735-7325, extension 4734
949-206-4977 (fax)
Tegan and Sara
Speaking of the Canada seal hunt, let’s get the opinion of some Canadian natives, shall we? When peta2 spoke with Tegan and Sara, they had this to say:
When we were in grade six we watched a documentary on the seal hunts. We were doing an endangered species project at school and were asked to research one animal on the list. (I did bald eagles). The hunters clubbing the seals and then skinning them was horrifying to witness. I do feel like there are alternatives to killing animals for food and materials. Just like the gas and oil industry, I feel like we are not moving quickly enough towards these alternatives.
Tegan and Sara also had bunches to say about the environmental impact of factory farming, eating healthy, and how cruel it is to leave a dog chained outside. Read their interview yourself, and pass it on to your friends.

The Loved Ones
Have you heard of The Loved Ones? If you haven’t, you will soon. The Loved Ones features members of punk rock outfits that have been referred to as “seminal,” including Kid Dynamite, The Curse, and Trial By Fire. Take a look at their interview with peta2, and head over to for info on their latest release on Jade Tree Records, upcoming tour dates, and more.
Morrissey’s New DVD
If you get a chance, I’d strongly suggest that you pick yourself up a copy of Morrissey’s new DVD, Morrissey – Who Put the M in Manchester. This puppy features tons of extras, including five live performances from Move Festival 2004. For old time’s sake, read Morrissey’s interview with peta2 while you’re at it.

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