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Posted May 25, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

Ginger Beer!

My two favorite photos from tour. I’ll explain the first. Ginger: Dead Prez sings about it, and I enjoy it in beverages and in chunk form. One of the main things that helps me when I’m raising hell for animal abusers is this slightly spicy drink. Anyone who tells you that it’s anything like ginger ale is a liar and a cheat. Stay away from them.
The free 1″ buttons are all gone ladies and gents. I started sending them out today, and if you haven’t e-mailed me to get one yet, it isnt gonna happen. We’ll have more free stuff in the future I promise. I think there is even some talk of free peta2 T-shirts that I screened.
Tortured By Tyson
PETA’s latest undercover video reveals horrific cruelty to animals at a Tyson slaughterhouse in Alabama (Tyson Foods is a major supplier of KFC). A PETA investigator documented chickens who had their bodies mutilated by malfunctioning machinery, birds who had their heads torn off by hand, and others who were scalded to death, all while still completely conscious and able to feel pain.

You can play this video on your personal page using the html code provide below. Please consider adding this video to your myspace profile, your xanga blog, etc. For more information, and to find out how you can help stop this, visit

-Noah Cooper
peta2 Campaign Coordinator

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