22 Photos From Pigs' Journey To Slaughter

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Posted December 29, 2014 by Kim Johnson

No matter how pigs raised for food live on this Earth, in the end, most will be loaded onto a crowded truck—with hardly any protection from the weather and without any food, water, or place to go to the bathroom—and sent to the slaughterhouse. These pictures aren’t graphic, but they tell a story that will break your heart:

Most people have seen a livestock transport truck carrying animals on their way to slaughter.

pig transport truck

But if you take a closer look, here’s what you’ll see: a life.

pig in transport truck

You’ll see these sad green eyes …

pig in transport truck… these worried pale blue ones …pig in transport truck

… and these terrified brown eyes:

pig in transport truck

You’ll see animals suffering from summer’s heat with no way to cool off …

… and their mouths foaming from thirst, with no water in sight.

thirsty pig in transport truckToronto Pig Save

This is his last day on Earth:

pigs in transport truck

This individual has a unique personality, but his only identification is a streak of colored paint …

pigs in transport truck

… or a number carved into his skin:

pigs in transport truck

Look into this pig’s eyes and try to tell yourself that the scars on her face don’t matter to you.

pig eye in transport truck

Pigs naturally keep themselves clean, but they’re forced to live amid their own waste.

pigs in transport truck

He can only watch the passersby, hoping they’ll help or at least offer a drink of water.

They hardly have any room to move around.

pigs in transport truck

Does he know where he’s going?

15-x pig in transport truck

His sad and scared eyes …

pig in transport truck

… seem to say yes.

pig in transport truck

We can’t hear her saying, “Help me” …

scared pig in transport truck

… “Save me” …

pig in transport truck

… “I’m afraid” …

pig in transport truck

… “I’m in pain” …

injured pig in transport truck

… or “Please don’t make this my last day on Earth.”

There’s no hope for the pigs pictured here, but you can change the fate of others like them. Just like dogs, cats, and humans, pigs can feel pain, fear, and sadness, and they don’t want to die.

 For pigs, for the world, and for yourself, go vegan. All photos courtesy of Anita Krajnc/Toronto Pig Save 

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bacon collage
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    704 days ago

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    Its so sad that people would murder and eat these deeply intelligent, beautiful animals. I dont know how some people can look in those eyes and still just think of them as food, instead of individuals. Just to think, when people are eating “pork” (I hate calling it that because I think it is trying to mask that it is a pig you are eating) you are eating a son, a daughter, a mother, or a father.

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