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Posted October 8, 2012 by Diana Mendoza

How would you like to be locked in a tiny space and let out only by your “trainer,” who forces you to fight your friends? Sounds pretty awful, right? Well, strangely, this is the concept of one of the most popular games out there, and even weirder, these cuddly, little guys have a huge online fan base that loves them—especially the cute red-cheeked “champion,” Pikachu. That’s right—we’re talking about Pokémon!

Help peta2 get freedom for the Pokémon in peta2’s new game, Pokémon Black and Blue.

Screen grab from peta2's free online Pokemon parody game

Many of us at peta2 grew up playing and watching Pokémon, and we love that the Pokémon Black and White series has started talking about “Pokémon rights” but with all that talk the Pokémon are still imprisoned at the end of the day. So in our lighthearted parody game we poke fun at the original Pokémon games (remember we <3 Pokémon, too), but we also give the Pokémon the platform they should have had in Black and White, and hope people think about how we treat animals in the real world.

Just like dogs and other animals, Pokèmon have unique personalities and want to be loved and play with their friends, not be forced to fight them. Never thought about it that way, huh?

Check out the game now and let us know what you think!

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