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Posted July 8, 2004 by Rachelle Owen

For everyone out there sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the mailman to bring them a package from PETA, we’ve got good news: there are two new leaflets that can be downloaded and printed from home. It’s never been easier to rack up Street Team points for leafleting.
What’s a chicken ever done wrong? Good question. The “Where Do Eggs Come From” leaflet is a great way to let people know how bad eggs are for hens, for the environment, and for the human body. Print off a couple hundred of these babies, call up your friends, and head out for a trip to a local supermarket, restaurant, or anywhere else you can think of.
Thanks to our awesome campaigners, people all across the country have discovered how chickens raised for KFC are treated would probably agree that KFC should stand for Kentucky Fried Cruelty. Now it’s up to the PETA2 Street Team to do their part. With a stack of the “Colonel’s Secret Recipe” and “KFC Workers Unite!” leaflets in hand, you can let everyone know about the suffering that the 700 million chickens raised for KFC each year face.
So get cracking! Black ink is cheap, and saving animals is priceless. I’m sure you can spare a few hours of your life to spread the word around town. If you feel like going above and beyond the call of duty, you could even organize a demo.

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