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Posted May 24, 2006 by Marta Holmberg

According to news sources, Chinese government officials have stated that the Heather Mills McCartney expose on dog and cat fur has finally gotten them to take a look at the cruel industry in their country.

China’s State Forestry Administration Deputy Chairman Zhao Xuemin was quoted as saying

“Sadly this barbaric trade is driven by economic factors. But these cases you have mentioned have made a strong impression on us and we will make renewed efforts to stamp out these barbaric practices.”

In addition, EU officials have proposed a directive that would ban the import, export, and trade of dog and cat fur in Europe.
Here’s hoping that China actually does something to protect animals for once. Either way, let this be a reminder: It’s hard for anyone to ignore you when they see videos like this. If you don’t already have a streaming video on your myspace page or blog, go here to get the code for one. I hear from people pretty much every day who say that they’ve decided to go veg after watching “Chew On This” on my page.

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