Protestin' in DIY Elephants Never Forget Tees!

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Posted August 9, 2010 by Marta Holmberg

Street Teamers are my fave. It’s true. What’s not to like about people sticking up for those without a voice? Recently, two of our awesome Street Teamers, Marissa Chacon and Karissa Jones, came out for a Ringling Bros. protest in Stockton, CA, and they rocked their very own DIY Elephants Never Forget tees. Check it out!


Marissa and Karissa

Super cute, right? Here’s what Marissa and Karissa had to say about their protest experience and the peta2 Street Team:

Was this your first protest? What was it like protesting Ringling Bros?

Marissa: Yes. It was a great experience. It felt good to be out there making people aware of what is happening to these poor animals.
Karissa: Yes. It felt great to let people know more information.

How did you get involved with the peta2 Street Team?

Marissa: I go on almost every day and came across the peta2 Street Team and thought I should sign up because the Street Team relates more to younger people and offers us ideas to help out animals.
Karissa: A friend of mine let me know what the circuses were doing to elephants and from there I wanted to do anything to help save them.

Do you have any advice for other Street Teamers who might feel shy about speaking up for animals?


Marissa: Don’t feel shy! Speaking up for animals is something to be proud of. Animals don’t have a voice so we need to speak up for them.
Karissa: Just remember animals have feelings too. It’s important to voice your opinion and take a stand for what’s right!

Awesome! If you haven’t yet, sign up for the Street Team now and then take five minutes to help elephants in five ways. 🙂




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