Pulin is Always Leaving Us :-(

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Posted March 27, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

He took off Sunday to embark on his next tour through the country with Alkaline Trio and Against Me. We’ll miss Pulin and his humor while he is out, but you can meet him on the road and table a show with him. Pulin is fun, and so is getting people to go vegan, so sign-up already!


Pulin with Joe and Tim from Rise Against and M. Shadows (what a name) from Avenged Sevenfold.
Another thing you should know is that Pulin is a semi-professional arm wrestler. So even if you don’t table with him, challenge him to an arm wrestling match. We’re not responsible when your arm is broken in half.
Two random activism ideas:
Recently a co-worker of mine agreed to quit smoking if her Dad would quit eating chicken. Maybe if you have a nasty habit that your parents or friends want you to give up, you could convince them to give up one of their nasty meat eating or milk drinking habits.
Our KFC campaign coordinator Lindsay was on the road for her last KFC tour when she heard on the radio station 97.5 in Lansing, MI to call in and tell them what you love or hate, but you only had 4 seconds of air time. She called their voice mail and said “! I hate Colonel Sanders!” and it made the air! The morale of the story is you can make just about anything an opportunity to speak up for animals.
We really are permeating every media outlet in the world lately. Our anti-milk video Milk Gone Wild was recently mentioned on . .

“A controversial anti-milk video with a soundtrack penned by proud vegan NICK ZINNER, guitarist for the YEAH YEAH YEAHS, is now online at, the Web site for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ youth-oriented branch. The clip, “Milk Gone Wild” — originally intended to run during the Super Bowl before it was pulled — apes the popular soft-porn video series Girls Gone Wild, and features girls lifting their T shirts in a bar to reveal udders instead of human breasts. Other musicians that have teamed with peta2 in the past include LE TIGRE, MORRISSEY, NEKO CASE and CAT POWER.”

Nick is real nice guy. Check out the interview we did with him here.
Adios banditos.

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