Reese Witherspoon, Avon Lady

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Posted October 19, 2007 by Ryan Huling


Are they or aren’t they has been the question on everyone’s mind when it comes to Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal. I really hate it when celebs try to be all sneaky and refuse to admit they’re dating, pregnant, gay, whatever they’re hiding. We’ll find out eventually, we always do so just give it up already.

Reese and Jake even avoided each other at the premiere of their new movie, Rendition. In all fairness, her divorce from Ryan Phillippe had just been finalized that day so maybe it was too soon to declare their affection for each other.

One thing Reese isn’t worried about going public with is her support of the Avon Foundation, a cruelty-free charity that focuses on breast cancer research and awareness, among other issues. In fact, Avon Products, Inc. has named her the first-ever global ambassador and honorary chair of the foundation.

I’d like to be the ambassador of fabulousness…or shoes. Ooooh! Shoes! Yeah, forget that fabulousness thing, I’m going with global ambassador of shoes. Sorry, so back to Reese…she’s also become the newest face of Avon cosmetics, and recently shot a new commercial for the cruelty-free company.

Glad to see that a bit of “Elle Woods” has rubbed off on her and she’s working with people who know that torturing animals for health or beauty is cruel, archaic, and a waste of time and money.



P.S. Nine years ago we lost my life-long BFF’s mom (my second mom) to breast cancer and I miss her every single day. I wish all of the charities trying to find cures for breast cancer and other diseases would stop using unreliable animal tests for all our sakes.

If you or someone you know is planning to donate time or money to a charity, you can find out their stand on animal testing on the Council of Humane Giving’s handy dandy search page.

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