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Posted May 12, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

I’m writing this in one of the hallways of the E3 videogame Expo in Los Angeles, just outside the exhibition floor, surrounded by four or five very serious looking execs from Sony who are all frantically typing away at their laptops, and some dude dressed up like a wizard from World of Warcraft, who, I’m not kidding, is calling for backup on his cell phone.

Yesterday, after showing my peta2 credentials to some industry people, I managed to get an invite to the big PlayStation party at Dodger stadium. The surprise act at the party was none other than Incubus, whose vegetarian guitarist Ben Kenney is an old friend of ours. You can check out Ben’s interview here.

Some highlights so far: These crazy NASA people have developed a controller that’s supposed to measure your brainwaves while you play the game, so you can go faster depending on how much brainpower you have. I thought this was a very cool concept until I played it and got my ass kicked by an 8-year-old.

Ubisoft have this pretty sweet game out based on a movie, called Open Season, where you get to play as a bear, squirrel, and deer and save the forest from these psycho redneck hunters. It’s like Deliverance, except with cute cartoon characters. OK, it’s not like Deliveranceat all, but it’s encouraging to think that there’s both a game and a movie coming out that highlight the fact that it’s phenomenally weird (not to mention gruesome) that it’s actually legal in this country for anyone over 12 to violently kill animals so they can put their heads on a wall. I have no idea why anyone would need that much help to understand such a basic concept, but then I lost to an 8-year-old at a brainpower game, so what do I know?

In other news, the new, motion-sensitive PS3 controller is amazing. I’m kind of a Nintendo loyalist myself, but the lines to play “Wii” are close to 3 hours long, so I’ve opted for instant gratification with all the new PS3 games instead.

That’s all I have for now. I have to somehow drag myself back onto the exhibition floor to play more video games for the rest of the day. Did you guys hear about the Chinese kid who jumped out of a window after playing 36 straight hours of Warcraft? I feel his pain.


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