Ringling Bros. Beats Animals: Infographic

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Posted January 25, 2013 by Sean Horvath

Don’t let the big top fool you—Ringling Bros. circus is a cruel, dark place. Read more about its years of slavery and exactly what it doesn’t want you to know:

What do you think? Will you ever step foot in Ringling’s (or any) circus again? Share this with your friends!

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  • 158 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I was looking at the place that is set up for the retired elephants. the men walking beside them are carrying stickes. I see elephants in areas where they are by themselves. They are using them to find out why they don’t get cancer. They are experimenting on them. They walk in a line holding each others tails. Like when they are in the circus. It doesn’t look like retirement to me. They were supposed to go to a real sanctuary. Not holding pens, Experiments, being held by themselves. If they are all Asian. Where are the African Elephants? Why aren’t they letting the tigers go. It has been shown how the head trainer. Beats the tigers, whips them in the head continually even though the tiger has fallen to the ground. Why are they saying that they are not retiring all the Elephants till 2018. What about the other animals? They are treated as inhumanly as the Elephants.

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