9 Reasons Elephants Can't Wait Three More Years

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Posted March 6, 2015 by Kim Johnson

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has announced that it plans to phase out the use of elephants in its performances by 2018. This is a great victory, but elephants with Ringling have been abused, chained, and crammed into tiny boxcars for decades and should not be abused for even one more day. Here are nine reasons why Ringling’s elephants should be retired TODAY:

1. Because babies are often separated from their mothers and trained using ropes, bullhooks (sharp instruments that resemble a fireplace poker), and electric prods.

Trial Unveils Extreme Elephant Abuse by Ringling Bros. Circus Action Featured

2. Because elephants are beaten with bullhooks repeatedly in order to force them to perform dangerous, uncomfortable tricks. Watch undercover video of how elephants are “trained” just moments before going on stage.

3. Because animals are forced to travel in boxcars or trailers for up to 100 hours straight. These cars and trailers are cramped, unsanitary, and poorly ventilated. An animal has even died when temperatures have exceeded 100 degrees.

elephant boxcar circus4. Because sick elephants can infect people. Ringling has had elephants carrying the human strain of tuberculosis (TB) on the road, traveling from city to city. TB is highly transmissible from elephants to humans, even without direct contact. Several Ringling employees have been treated for TB.

circus elephant performing

5. Because if elephants fight back against humans, they can end up hurting people and themselves. The animals are sometimes shot and killed after these tragedies.

Tyke running in street

While touring with a circus, Tyke was shot nearly 100 times and killed on the streets of Honolulu after she went on a rampage, killing her trainer and injuring 13 others prior to a circus performance.

6. Because elephants are often chained for days at a time.

elephant chained in circus

7. Because, like many other elephants used for entertainment, Karen was kidnapped from her family in the wild. She has been miserable for 45 years, traveling from place to place and reportedly being beaten with bullhooks.

8. Because dozens of cities in the U.S. have already banned the use of bullhooks, and many countries have banned the use of wild animals in circuses. Mexico’s congress recently banned wild animal circuses nationwide, and although the law does not go into effect until July, Ringling’s performances there have already been canceled.

Undercover Investigation Reveals That Ringling Beats Elephants Action Featured

9. Because elephants deserve this:

NOT this:

Circus Elephants Lined Up

What You Can Do

Never go to a circus that uses animals! Continue to speak up for animals abused by Ringling, and urge the circus to retire the elephants NOW.

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  • 682 days ago

    VA:F [1.9.22_1171]


    No living loving scared to death animal should be subject to this brutal indecency.
    3 years is too long.

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