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Posted March 28, 2008 by peta2 staff

There is nothing better than fashion—especially fur-free fashion! That’s why I am so very pleased to introduce you to our next two Fur Is Dead supporters: Jessica Louise and Sean Starkey!


Jessica runs an amazing custom clothing line, called Jessica Louise, which has been seen everywhere from the pages of AP Magazine to the back of Avril Lavigne. Jessica Louise Clothing can be described, much like the artist herself, as equal parts punk rock power and fairy-tale girliness. I love it!

Check out out Q&A with Jessica below:

What do you define as your personal style?
When I am going out for an event, my style is classic girly pencil skirt or dress with a ruffle stripe top custom jewelry by Natalia Fabia heels socks and sock garters.
If I am working, 100% all about comfort cotton t, jeans, hoodie, and Chuck Taylor’s.

Do you have any fashion “do’s” and “don’ts”?
Fashion do’s: lots of bright cottons in soft textiles, be comfortable in your own skin what ever makes you feel beautiful (unless it involves the harm of another creature) is a fashion do.
Don’ts: super cut off jeans shorts where your ass hangs out with a cropped shirt and neon visor, spandex with sweat & head bands, gloves or any other object that is not actually a hat as a hat. And obviously any fur or pelt of any nature.

Why do you choose not to wear real fur?
Because my vanity is not more important than the life (or lives) of other creatures. There is no need to wear fur. There are so many beautiful alternatives. People who wear fur are under the false assumption that it makes them seem more sleek or expensive, when in reality it just makes them less appealing and trashy.

What is your favorite animal? Why?
Beaver – The waffle tail is appealing, excellent swimming skills, one of my favorite animals to draw and discuss.
Shark- Powerful magnificent and very scary.
Black Bear- Just beautiful I love bears I draw them all the time. My main logo is a bear head.
Sea Turtle- Sea turtles esp but all turtles for some reason make me smile. I see a photo of a sea turtle and it makes me happy.
Also Chihuahua, Red eared slider turtles, and adopted stray cats. We have a 2.1.1 ratio of those in our family.

Do you have a favorite vegetarian dish? If so, what is it?
Certainly: Amy’s Soy Mac & Cheese. Who doesn’t love mac & cheese, and this one is the best I’ve ever eaten- and I’ve tried a lot of different kinds.

Sean works for the absolutely amazing photography icon and PETA friend David LaChapelle, building and designing sets. He has also fronted two bands you might be familiar with: KarmaHitlist and ShotBlue!

Get to know Sean a lil better with our Q&A with him below!

What do you define as your personal style?
Civilized Disobedience in tight black Wrangler stay press.

Do you have any fashion “do’s” and “don’ts”?
Dont’s: Socks and sandals, cut off socks for wristbands, baggy Dickies, and squirts.
Do’s: Tight jeans, slim fit t-shirts, corsets, way too many necklaces, and grandma sunglasses—looks jazzy!

Why do you choose not to wear real fur?
Because my dad was a hunter and used to kill animals. It grossed me out hardcore. It’s traumatic. Only lame rich upscale wannabes would wear real fur. We’re not bloody cavemen trekking across the Arctic. Use your brain. Clothing has evolved, and so should you.

What is your favorite animal? Why?
Meerkat. Meerkat Manor, need I say more? Top notch!

Do you have a favorite vegetarian dish? If so, what is it?
I like Soyriso…the Mexican dish, instead of chorizo. It’s good in a tortilla with hot sauce. Boogie down now! (jazz hands)

Thanks guys!


P.S. I just saw the Buzznet video from the Skelanimals’ Fur Is Dead photo shoot, and it’s amazing!

Check it out by clicking on it!




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    I watched the video and it’s great that Peta2 used rescued bunnies as models.

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    that is so cool

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