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Posted April 25, 2007 by peta2 staff

With her love for animals and dedication to helping others, it’s plain to see why we think Lauren-Jane is a star.

Name: Lauren-Jane K. Giacone
Age: 17
Hometown: Memphis, Tennessee

What are some of your hobbies?
I love singing, playing guitar, writing songs, playing with my dogs, and spending time with family and friends. I also enjoy doing things for my community and the environment. Currently, my friends and I are volunteering to help those from New Orleans who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

Where do you go to school? Are you in any clubs?
I’m currently a senior at DCHS. I am involved in a few school clubs, such as Key Club (a community service group) and Explorer’s Club.

What gets under your skin?
When it comes to the environment and vegetarianism, closed-minded people bother me. They don’t have to agree with me, but they should respect my ideals.

What sort of animal companions do you live with?
Let’s see, there’s Ariel, a teacup poodle saved from a puppy farm; Frank, a stray dog we rescued; Jenna, a Siberian husky saved from the pound; and Keona, my Siberian husky&emdash;his name means “God’s gracious gift” in Hawaiian. We adopted him after someone fatally poisoned one of our other huskies.

Tell us what it is that motivates you to be an activist for animals.
I have always loved all kinds of animals and have shared my home with many different types. I would rather put a bug outside than have someone kill it. My dog is like my son and I consider all of our companion animals as members of the family. When I was in second grade I wrote a note to one of my teachers whose dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies. I told her that I could adopt one of the puppies and signed my dad’s name … I wasn’t allowed to get that puppy, but soon enough we did have a new member in the family.

What made you become vegetarian?
My middle brother was the first vegetarian in my family. He was a huge influence. I have always had a love for animals as well. I had a female beta fish for four years; because of her, I gave up fish when I was 9 years old. I gave up all meat except chicken six years ago. When I was 15, I gave up chicken and have been vegetarian ever since!

How did you learn about peta2 and what made you get involved?
When I was looking through a magazine one day, I came across a “We Are Not Nuggets” ad. I was absolutely taken by the ad and visited the Web site. I’d have to say that the baby chicks did it for me.

What did your parents think when you went vegetarian?
My family is extremely supportive! My two older brothers are vegetarians as well. Although my parents eat meat, they respect our decisions and have always loved animals.

What is your favorite animal rights quote?
“Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.” -Albert Einstein

What is your personal message to the more than 100,000 Street Team members of peta2?
Most importantly, thank you for your time and effort! Every member is important and plays a huge part in society. Anyone can make a difference if they are willing to work for their goal.

Want to be our next Star? Sign up for the Street Team now, and tell us about what you’ve done to help animals in your community.




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