15 Reasons Why Street Teamers Win 2013

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Posted December 30, 2013 by Whitney Calk

It’s no secret that here at peta2, we seriously  our tens of thousands of Street Teamers. Every. Single. One.

street teamer collage

Their compassion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to never be silent in the face of injustices are the driving force behind countless animals being saved every year from industries that use and abuse them for profit.

peta2 literally couldn’t exist without our badass Street Team.

Because we can’t even begin to put into words everything that the Street Teamers have done for animals this year, we’ll just give you a “best of” reel that pretty much speaks for itself.

Here are 15 reasons why peta2 Street Teamers totally won 2013:

1. Because they give the best hugs.

street teamer havd sign

2. Because they make lifesaving fashion statements look oh-so-good.

street teamer ear tag

3. Because they don’t even think twice about sticking one of these in their yards if it means saving billions of lives.

street teamer diy tombstone

4. Because they know that flesh is flesh, no matter who it comes from.

street teamer meat tray

5. Because they know that cutting is NEVER OK.

street teamer dissection scissors

6. Because they give a sh%t about the planet and are pissed off that factory farming is destroying it.

street teamer poop sign

7. Because they don’t mind getting a little inked up to get their point across.

street teamer free tilly

8. Because they’ll do just about anything to stop you from eating chicken periods.

street teamer chicken period

9. Because they’re totally (and justifiably) grossed out that some humans still drink boob juice.

street teamer wtf udders

10. Because theirs are bigger than yours, and they don’t care who knows it.

street teamer mine is bigger

11. Because they know that it’s pretty f#cked up to force anyone to live in something as small as a bathtub for their whole lives.

street teamer SeaWorld bathtub

12. Because they support equality for ALL.

street teamer pride sign

13. Because they have no problem calling you out for being a fur hag (sorry, not sorry).

street team fur hanger

14. Because they’re not afraid to show you a little booty if that’s what it takes.

street teamer save booty

15. Because … well … THIS.

street teamer wtf happened to me

In the fight for animal rights in 2014, we will win. Are YOU ready to join the movement?

Sign up for the Street Team and start helping animals today!

sign up for the peta2 street team

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