'The Secret Life' Star Says 'Never Again' to Foie Gras

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Posted December 2, 2010 by peta2 staff

One of the best things about working at peta2 is having the opportunity to change people’s minds about how they think about animals. Every time I have a discussion with someone that leads to that person deciding to take a veg pledge or learn more about the fur industry, I feel an amazing sense of accomplishment.

Earlier this week it was brought to our attention that Megan Park, Grace Bowman on The Secret Life of the American Teenager, tweeted about eating “cotton candy wrapped foie gras.” Aside from sounding utterly disgusting, foie gras is also unthinkably cruel. Ducks and geese are kept in cages so tiny they can’t even turn around or groom themselves. In order to fatten their livers up, workers shove a tube down the animals’ throats multiple times a day and force feed them. This often causes severe painful abrasions in their throats and is terrifying for the animals. In many countries, foie gras production has been banned on cruelty grounds and will soon be outlawed in California.

After sharing this information and PETA’s video exposé with Megan, we’re thrilled to report that she has vowed never to eat foie gras again!

So next time you have the opportunity to speak up for animals, do it! Your friends and the animals will thank you. 🙂



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