The Very Fashionable Andy Dick

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Posted October 27, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

Oh, Andy.

Few people make me laugh as much as Andy Dick does. I’ve been a huge fan since the Ben Stiller Show days—man, that dates me—anyway, Andy goes out of his way to make sure everyone knows how he feels about cruelty to animals, especially in the fashion industry. My spies—and by that I mean PETA’s own Dan Mathews—tell me that the other night Andy hosted a fashion show at Submerge as part of LA’s Fashion Week wrap up. The show was actually a model “Walk-Off” … and no, it’s not wrong to think Zoolander as soon as you read that. And that brings us back to Ben Stiller, I didn’t mean to do that, honest.

Work it.

So, as Andy opened the show, the king of impromptu outrageousness told the star-studded crowd, “We have a special guest here tonight from PETA, who just got back from Europe where he disrupted fashion shows that used fur. There had better not be any fur on the stage tonight!” He then proceeded to tell them all about our Fashion Week antics and invited Dan up to say a few words. Apparently the crowd went wild and actually cheered. I admit when I first heard the story I thought he was going to say that the scary fur-clad Neanderthals had pelted him with fruit or lobbed chairs at him but then I remembered that there are some good people in the fashion industry. Andy went on to mock the models as only he can and the show was fur free. Have you pledged to be?

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