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Posted July 28, 2006 by Rachelle Owen

One of the loves of my life is the band Tilly and the Wall. Pretty tunes, cute band members, and compassion for animals to boot! It is enough to cause a mild heart mummer. So when I heard that they wanted their fans to star in the new music video for their song “Rainbows In The Dark”, I broke out my hairbrush and started practicing in my mirror.

I laid on my back, let the punk record spin
The stomping guitar, it was shooting out stars
It all went to my heart, yeah some rainbows in the dark

After trying out some new dance moves-it suddenly struck me. It would be really awesome if people wore peta2 t-shirts in the videos that they submit to the contest. Then I quickly gave myself a pat on the back.

So the task is as follows:
1. Don a peta2 shirt of some kind (homemade or otherwise)
2. Bribe a friend with vegan cookies to help video tape you
3. Rock out to “Rainbows In The Dark”
4. Send in the video

Make sure to read the rules of the contest before sending in your tape. I hope that at least one of us makes it in the final cut!

rock xoxo-lara

p.s. Please don’t confuse “Rainbows In The Dark” with the Dio metal classic “Like A Rainbow In The Dark”

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