Top 5 Animal-Friendly 'Twilight' Stars

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Posted November 16, 2012 by peta2 staff

Trust me when I say that there are more than a few Twihards here at peta2 HQ who have been counting down the days until the release of Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (it’s finally here!). But even for those of you who haven’t yet succumbed to Twilight mania, here are my top 5 reasons why you should still be swooning over these animal-loving celebs:

1. Kristen Stewart: From denouncing fur to channeling her inner vegetarian rock star, Kristen Stewart is the embodiment of cool in young Hollywood.

kristen stewart from creative commons2. Robert Pattinson: R Patts gets my vote for his smile alone, but it certainly doesn’t hurt that he is the proud doggy daddy of an adopted pooch he rarely leaves home without and dotes on in nearly every interview. Feel free to join me in a collective “Awwww!”

robert pattinson creative commons
3. Kellan Lutz: Another proud puppy papa, when he’s not making girls giddy on-screen, Kellan Lutz is with his rescued dog Kola, and he even starred in a peta2 public service announcement reminding fans always to adopt and never buy an animal from a pet store or a breeder.

kellan lutz adopt don't buy psa

4. Christian Serratos: From cutting out dissection to saving seals to showing some skin to help animals save theirs, Christian Serratos is a true beauty inside and out!

Christian Serratos Day Of The Dead Ad5. Booboo Stewart: It didn’t take long for cutie Booboo Stewart to win over fans on-screen as Seth Clearwater, and it took him even less time to become a peta2 favorite by speaking up for animal adoption.

booboo stewart adopt don't buy psaIf that doesn’t get you excited for the last installment of The Twilight Saga, I don’t know what will! I suggest you order tickets now and get ready to savor every last swoon-worthy moment.




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  • Profile photo of greenguava3

    1394 days ago

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    All the more reason to love Twilight! Yippeee!

  • Profile photo of Tommy.HP

    1445 days ago

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    Awh, that’s cool. Although, Harry Potter’s still better aha. 🙂

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