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Posted November 22, 2013 by peta2 staff

Hey guys! Chris here, coming to you live with all of the latest and greatest updates on what peta2’s amazing Tour Crew has been up to lately.

This season, we hit the road with electro-dance king Steve Aoki and rapper Waka Flaka Flame where we’ve been asking show-goers to have a heart for animals and pledge to never wear fur again.

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Think tour life sounds awesome? That’s because it is! Here are a just few things our Tour Crew has learned about compassionate concert-goers over the past few weeks:

Electronic dance music (EDM) fans are like a family, and when thousands of them found out from our Tour Crew that their idols Steve Aoki and Waka Flaka Flame are against fur (and found out what really happens to animals who are killed for it), they’re quick to pledge to never wear it again.
Steve Aoki Heroes Feature800-WakaFlockaFlameAd

  • EDM scenesters  LOVE animals!  Thousands of show-goers have been rocking our glow-in-the-dark “FUCK YEAH I <3 ANIMALS WRISTBANDS” that we give away for FREE at each show!peta2 fuck yeah
  •  …and WAKA gives great hugs to vegans!!!wake floka flame

Ever dream of touring with peta2? Well, let’s make it happen!

tour for peta2

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