16 Signs You're a Vegan Hipster

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Posted March 10, 2014 by peta2 staff

1. Everything you drink MUST come in a mason jar.


Extra points if it’s a green juice or iced coffee.

2. You’re ahead on all the vegan trends, thanks to your constant visits to the farmer’s market.

tempeh sammie farmers market

Soy milk and tofu are so 1999. It’s all about almond milk and tempeh nowadays.

3. You can’t understand how someone would wear nonvegan shoes.

Vegan Dr. Marten boots #ImSkinsFree

I mean, c’mon—Dr. Martens and Toms have their own vegan shoe lines!

4. Morrissey inspired you to go vegan, not Beyoncé.

morrissey peta ad

Beyoncé who?

5. Your laptop or *gasp* record player has about 22 animal rights stickers.

laptop stickers peta2

Get some more!

6. You’re this person at a restaurant or party:

We just really like food, okay?

We just really like food, OK?

It didn’t happen unless it’s on Instagram.

7. You know the vegan options from the Mexican food truck better than you know your own name.

vegan vegetarian taco stand options

Two bean taquitos, hold the cheese, and extra guac, please.

8. All of your cruelty-free products have six or fewer ingredients.

coconut diy hair

But DIY is always the way to go!

9. You grew your own fur before it was cool.

grow fur peta2

10. You have four ideas for animal rights tattoos that you plan on getting.

Vegan tattoos

Combine #9 and #10 to attract an unlimited number of vegan hipster girls.

11. When people don’t know what kale is, you think this:

you are really stupid gif.

Are you even human?

12. You’re an expert at cruelty-free thrift store shopping.

thrift store

“I’m gonna pop some tags. Only got $20 in my pocket …”

13. You came out of the womb wearing a beanie.

peta merch animal beanie rat is a pig is a dog is a boy

14. There’s an 80 percent chance your glasses are not real.

Angry Newman gif

Can you please not?

15. Vegan cupcakes are basically a food group to you.

vegan cupcakes

And don’t even get me started on those that come in tiny mason jars. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?

16. You’re “catholic” … aka a “cat addict.” 

cat clothes

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  • Profile photo of haleygallerani

    910 days ago

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    Vegan cupcakes!

  • Profile photo of forensickitteh

    948 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    I’m ALMOST there. <3

  • Profile photo of alexblue

    955 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    Vegan cupcakes…maybe.
    Vegan pancakes…ohHeckYeah! 🙂

  • Profile photo of Sagojyou

    956 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    This is me, right here XD Great post!

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