9 Words That Mean Something Else to Vegans

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Posted August 18, 2014 by Diana Mendoza

Ever wonder why your vegan friends roll their eyes when you ask them about protein? Or maybe you just don’t get why people like tofu? Or why your sister is sick of you talking about how much you loooove bacon? (Seriously, stop.) Allow us to share these nine little words that mean something TOTALLY different to vegans than to other people!

1. “Tofu”

Nonvegans:funny tofu meme


Sean dancing gif

Because tofu.

Tofu scramble collage

2. “Protein”

you are really stupid gif.

No, no, you’re right: Vegans are OBVIOUSLY missing all their protein …  idiot.

vegan protein beans peanut butter milk tofu potates yogurt

3. “Fur”

Chinese Fur Farm© Swiss Animal Protection | East International

No, please tell me more about how “glamorous” your fur coat is. Oh, it’s “expensive”? Something tells me the animals paid a higher price. Just sayin’.

4. “Environmentalist”


Think of going vegan as your own personal boycott against the leading cause of greenhouse-gas emissions and against a major contributor to pretty much all the f#cked up things about the environment.

5. “Sexy”

peta2-veg-celeb-psaSo you like muscles? Long legs? Flowing hair? Bright smiles? Well, vegans know that beauty is more than skin deep, and we’ve got a whole slew of hot celebs who prove that they love animals every time they sit down to eat!

6. “Milk” or “cheese”

Nonvegans: Does a body good!


Vegans: Cows make milk for BABY cows! YOU ARE NOT A COW!

7. “Bacon”

Nonvegans: “But it’s soooo good!”pig9thumping

Vegans: Just … no. No, no, no.

A worker slammed these piglets' heads against the floor and left them to die in a bin.

No bacon for me ever again. Please, God, no.

8. “Vegan food”


boring salad sad face


food instagram collage



9. “Study break”

dog collage

“RUB MY BELLLLL-EHH!” Vegans know that nothing chases away the homework blues better than a little QT with our furry friends!

As you can see, being vegan is pretty much awesome.
What’s NOT awesome is cruelty to animals. And guess what? Being vegan helps end that, too. See? Vegan = awesome.



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