7 Vegan Words You're Probably Saying Wrong

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Posted May 6, 2014 by peta2 staff

While we know that being vegan is all about grubbin’ and feelin’ fantastic all the time, some people just don’t get it yet, and it’s super-important that we can drop some knowledge when talking about our awesome vegan foodie selves with everyone around us. That’s why it’s the worst when you’re not quite sure how to pronounce a common vegan word.

But have no fear, peta2 is here to break it down for y’all with this informative (and appropriately sassy) video so you can sound like the total (vegan) genius that we all know you already are!


vegan word funny gif

This may seem like an obvious one, but you never really know.


seitan word funny gif

Vegans DO NOT eat “SATAN,” OK?!


 tempeh word funny gif

AKA tofu’s cooler older brother.


 quinoa word funny gif

Can you say “complete protein”?! But more importantly, can you also say “quinoa”?


 daiya word funny gif

It’s about havin’ a good “day,” not about “dying”… who knew?!


 veganaise word funny gif

OK, I don’t care what the company says—I’ll be saying this the wrong way ’til the end!


tofu word funny gif


Now that you’re ready to sound like the pronunciation king or queen and awesome vegan you were always meant to be, you can watch the full video here!

It’s 2014. We ALL know just how easy, important, and awesome it is to go vegan at this point. Being vegan means eating delicious food and enjoying that warm and fuzzy feeling that comes from knowing that you can stuff your face while also saving animals (umm, yes please!).

So now that you know what’s up, make sure you spread the word (see what I did there?!) by sharing this video on your Twitter or Facebook!

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