Veggie Burgers Are Taking Over!

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Posted October 11, 2013 by Nina Kahn

For a couple of Street Teamers, school lunches just got a whole lot more delicious! With the help of the Veggie Burger Project, these two were able to get a veggie burger added to the menu at their schools, and now they can actually enjoy their cruelty-free lunch (goodbye, plain, soggy salad!). And you know what? It wasn’t even hard. Check it out:

Devin, a high school student in Illinois, was bummed about the serious lack of decent vegetarian options in his cafeteria—so he took action! First, he had students and teachers sign his petition to get a veggie burger offered daily in the cafeteria. Then he scheduled a meeting with the school principal, the cafeteria manager, and the café liaison officer to discuss making a veggie burger a daily option at lunchtime. Guess what? It worked!

Here’s Devin with his café liaison sealin’ the deal with a handshake: handshake

Now Devin and his friends can enjoy a deee-lish veggie burger whenever they please! Check out Devin’s typical school lunch, which includes fresh fruit, hummus and pretzels, trail mix, and the veggie burger of his dreams:veggie burger lunch tray


Allie, another awesome student in Illinois, wasn’t satisfied with her lunch options, either. So she took charge by going directly to her school’s lunch program manager and the rest of the cafeteria staff and letting them know what was up.

Thanks to Allie’s decision to speak up, her school is now serving not only a veggie burger but also a meatless pasta sauce and vegan seasonings for the veggies! She even helped make it so that any entrées that contain meat are served with the meat on the side, giving students even more cruelty-free options.

veggie burger yay

Allie also wrote a front-page article for her school newspaper discussing the cafeteria’s changes and letting everyone know about the brand-new veggie burger on their lunch menu:

school newspaper


Lunch hours spent dreaming of a yummy, cruelty-free veggie burger are over. YOU can make it happen just like Devin and Allie did, and peta2 is here to help you every step of the way. Plus if you succeed, we’ll send you a free T-shirt! So, whatcha waiting for?

Get your butt in gear and get yourself a veggie burger!veggie-burger-revamp-button-get-tips

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    SO cool! Awesome job!

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    Woohoo! These guys are so awesome.

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      Why thank you! :p

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