VICTORY! Smithsonian Ditches Live-Animal Lessons

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Posted November 6, 2013 by Nina Kahn

Woo-hoo! After more than a year of discussion with PETA, the Smithsonian Institution’s Science Education Center is officially ditching an awful lesson plan that asked hundreds of elementary school teachers to use live African dwarf frogs, fiddler crabs, and millipedes in lessons on animal behavior.

Big thanks to all the teachers, parents, and other concerned people around the country who let the Smithsonian know that it’s WRONG to use animals in the classroom!

African dwarf frog

Learning about animals and the environment is awesome, but keeping wild animals locked up in tiny plastic boxes, away from their natural habitats and without having their most basic needs met, is NOT the way to do it—and we’re so glad that the Smithsonian seems to get that now, too! 🙂

TRUTH: Every year, more than 10 million animals are killed for classroom dissections, and many more living animals suffer needlessly in classrooms for other school projects.

NO animal belongs in your classroom—alive or dead—and YOU can say no to dissection and speak up for the many animals who suffer in this awful industry.

Want to make sure that no animals suffer for your science grade? Click here:

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    This is great news – and that’s right.. he’s a not a science project, he’s a cutie pie! 🙂

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