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Posted September 15, 2011 by Christina

It’s that time again! I’ve compiled all the forehead-scrunching, head-shaking comments we’ve received lately that have left me downright puzzled.

salendron / CC by 2.0

You know the drill: Names have been removed to protect the idiotic parties, and expletives have been censored. Enjoy!

  1. “who cares if people eat meat or wear animals. the main thing is animal abuse and its everywhere like everything else and it will stay here in society like everything does.”
  2. “The chicks grew up then they became nuggets …and there are more cattle In the U.S.A then what there are people .Work that one out Enteins
  3. “What about in places where cotton can not be grown? Just let the people freeze so the sheep can keep their wool?”
  4. “i also cry for the animals that live with you all. you destroyed their habitats too by making them your prisoners. ignorant hypocrytical jerks.”
  5. you guys are nuts. i come from a town where if its brown its down, one of these days, your goddamn democrats, are gonna really f**k us over, and americans are gonna be ought of jobs, and on their own, so go buy a gun, and practice for when you have to hunt the tofu deer, or the carrot chicken.”
  6. “unfortunately. Americans are spoiled food wise, which gives idiots like you the free space to come up with f**ked up ideas like tofu, i wonder how much ‘tophurky Christopher columbus ate?‘”
  7. “Compassionate consumers”? It sounds more like a bunch of hippies just couldn’t deal with the fact that a carrot up their asses just isn’t a substitute for a real “sausage“, so instead of trying a hotdog they decided to go slander a company’s name.”
  8. uggs are cool and fashionable they are also worn in the summer cause they keep your feet at room temp. i have 249 pairs of uggs no joke, so if it were up to me i would slit the throught of a thousand sheep, or skin them alive, or even brake there neck so i could have uggs. ps i saw a little lamb being stomped on to make uggs and i just laughed”
  9. “Oh come on! Now PETA’s got maple syrup issues! What about the poor plants that feel pain when you rip them out of their home on the ground away from their friends. And cruel people who imprison plants in flower pots and drown them everyday?”


Once again, I find myself unable to choose the best.

Which one is your fave? Comment below and let us know!




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