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Posted February 25, 2009 by Marta Holmberg

Yup, it’s that time again—your bi-weekly dose of ridiculousness. Check out what people had to say to us recently and then be sure to comment with your favorite.

As always, names removed to protect the idiotic parties, and I’ve thrown some asterisks in the expletives. Enjoy!

1) Can you all just go run in to a f**king knife!! Your all idiots to podcast this. All your doing is making stupid kids think there cool cause there “peta” that’s ridiculously seance less. Why don’t you worry about something that concerns you! Not a animal that could give a f**k less. For all the kids that read this. YOUR IDIOTS IF YOU JUST STARTED BEING VEGAN THIS YEAR LAST YEAR OR THE YEAR BEFORE. Let things that are meaningful stay meaningful not just a trend to show off.

2) i just ate 2 small cats and one large dog for lunch

3) Subject: If not meat
Body: then what else am I supposed to be eating? My friends? Friends are what you eat when all the plants die. So I’m screwed either way.Now, gimme cow!!

4) get a life dumba**. its our business what we do with our animals. and its none of your business if people want to wear fur. i have about 15 to 20 fox, mink, bear, and rabbit coats and accessories. get over it. get a life. i even beat my stupid dog just for the hell of it sometimes. i bought him. ill do whatever i want to do to him. even though thats mean and i love my dog its my dog. just like its my money and my fur! the peta people can suck my baby cow leather jimmy cho pumps! gotta go beat my dog and lock him in his cage cause i feel like it. nightt. (:

5) PETA= People eating tasty animals!! thats the way it is! To bad vegans aren’t as well nourished because they can’t get all of the amino acids… and anyone who wants to go to Sea Kitten High School is a fairy and should jump off a cliff.

Which is your favorite? Let me know below!


P.S. You can check out past installments of dumb comments here.



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