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Posted June 30, 2006 by Marta Holmberg

Yesterday, the Warped Tour had a day off, so the Warped crew and bands were given a choice: Either we could drive through and get a hotel, or drive to Louisiana and help the victims of hurricane Katrina and Rita. So of course the peta2 crew wanted to help.
Early in the morning our tour bus pulled into a vacant lot and we all jumped into an old school bus with other warped tour folks – members of Underoath, Silverstein and Anti-Flag. As Cho and I found a place to sit, the bus driver told us that we would be driving for an hour or so to Johnson’s Bayou, a small community on the Gulf Coast in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, named after Daniel Johnson who came to the area in around 1790. The city took a pretty rough beating from Hurricane Rita on September 24.
We rode the school bus for about an hour (no, it wasn’t the short bus) and pulled into a driveway of this nice country home. As we all unloaded from the bus we found that this nice family had cooked all of us a warm vegan Cajun meal. So we all sat around on the grass eating and joking around and getting ready for the hard work ahead…

After eating we all loaded back on the bus and drove for another 45 mins – the destruction we saw on the way to Johnson’s Bayou was unbelievable. The bus driver showed me a photo of what the area looked like before Hurricane Rita and there were houses everywhere. Now there was nothing. A wasteland.

We pulled up to the first house and the bus driver asked for 7 volunteers. Pat Thetic (drummer of Anti-Flag), Cho, and I got off of the bus, and there wasn’t much but an old house that was barely standing and a field full of pieces of other houses and debris. Standing in front of the house were a man, a woman, and two kids. Pat and I went up and introduced ourselves and as we approached them I noticed that they had several dogs. I pulled out of my handy-dandy PETA Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Checklist and talked with the family on the importance of having a plan for their companion animals.

We spent the rest of the day cleaning up the area and had a great time (the stories the family had about the disaster were amazing).

I am very dirty and sleepy, so I am going to shower and jump back on the tour bus so we can get to Houston in time for the show.

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