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Posted July 26, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

From Jason:
It’s been a busy week. Started off in Denver where we had an autograph signing with Silverstein and Bleed the Dream. We hung out on Silverstein’s bus afterwards – they have a new album coming out on August 8th, so be sure to check it out.

Warped Tour then took over St. Louis, Missouri for a couple days on our way to Indianapolis. Everyone took full advantage of the downtime – lounging by the pool, hanging at P.F. Changs, and checking out the movies. It was then back on the road to Cincinnati. On the way, we paid a visit to the UniverSoul Circus to check out the horrible conditions they keep animals in. We found three elephants who were transported in one tractor trailer and then left – chained – under a tent with one bucket of water to share between the three of them on a 90 degree day.

You could see the scars under their arms from the bull hooks used to “train” them. We got some great footage until they asked us to leave. Check out to find out what you can do to put an stop to animal circuses.
The AKAs joined the tour in Cincinnati. After their set, Mike and Josie joined me for a few rides at the amusement park next door.

Chi-town was next. Street Teamers kicked ass, yet again. We had a huge autograph signing at the peta2 tent after their show.

Hung out for a bit with Chris from Halifax. We’re going to meet up with him again in Buffalo.
Met up with Troma Studios today (Monday, July 25th) in Buffalo to catch the rehearsal for their upcoming film “Poultrygeist.” We got some gory behind the scenes footage. The movie pokes fun of the fast food industry and shows the truth of how animals suffer in a horror/comedic way.

Also paid a visit to KFC today to show customers our Al Sharpton anti-KFC video. After watching the footage, several people turned away and vowed to never come back. It just shows that when people see the truth about what KFC does to chickens they will not support such cruelty. Soon KFC will learn that as long as they keep up their current practices they will be losing customers in large numbers.
Fo’ Sho’
Today marks what would have been the 149th birthday of famed writer and activist George Bernard Shaw. In his honor, send our “Living Graves” E-Card to everyone you know. I mean really, who doesn’t like E-Cards?
Noah Cooper
peta2 Street Team Specialist

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