Wet Seal Shuts Down Phonelines After Call-In!

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Posted April 28, 2005 by Rachelle Owen

Due to the overwhelming response to peta2’s latest call-in day today, Wet Seal was forced to shut down their phonelines at their corporate office. It’s no surprise that Wet Seal was flooded with phone calls, considering that in just 24 hours thousands of people have listened to Andy Dick’s phone message to Wet Seal employees asking that they tell their employer to stop selling fur. We need to keep the pressure on! There are two other phone numbers where you can reach Wet Seal: 1-866-475-2255 and 949-583-9029. Also, if you have access to a fax machine, please fax Joel Waller at 949-206-4977, and Wet Seal customer service at 949-699-4714.
In case you weren’t aware, each time you call 1-866-475-2255 from a pay phone, Wet Seal pays the bill. That’s money that will add up quickly. We’ve also heard that some people have been faxing black pieces of paper to Wet Seal at 949-206-4977 in order to use up all of their fax machines ink and toner. Very interesting …
Thank you to everyone who called today, whether you got through or not. Wet Seal must know that we will not be silenced, we will not go away, and most importantly, we will win.
BOYSETSFIRE sat down with us for an exclusive interview in which our hearts were stolen and we’re not sure if we’ll ever get them back. Watch the interview to hear what bassist Robert Ehrenbrand and guitarist Chad Istvan have to say about how easy it is to be vegetarian and why having compassion for animals is sexy. My favorite part – when Robert explains another reason to be vegetarian, “You’ll be a better dancer. Have you seen meat heads on the dance floor?” Thumbs down indeed Robert, thumbs down indeed.

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Robert and Chad From BOYSETSFIRE

Don’t forget to pass on a link to this interview to all of your BOYSETSFIRE-loving friends, and send the band some love at

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