15 Disgusting Things That Could Happen to You If You Were a Sheep

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Posted March 10, 2015 by peta2 staff

1. You’d probably live in terrible conditions in Australia.

2. As a young sheep, your ears would likely be hole-punched and your tail would be chopped off. If you were a boy, you’d be castrated.

3. You also might die.

4. You’d probably have huge chunks of skin around your tail cut off.

Mulesing Patty Mark

5. It’s called “mulesing,” but you probably wouldn’t care what it’s called.

6. During shearing, this might happen to you:

7. Or this:

8. If workers sheared you too early, you might die of exposure in the winter.

Sheared Sheep

9. Or, because you were bred to be so overloaded with wool, you might die of heat exhaustion in the summer.

10. When your wool production declines, you’d probably be sent to auction.

11. If you survived the auction, you might be sent to slaughter.

12. If you weren’t sent straight to slaughter, you might be forced to board a ship to be transported from Australia to the Middle East.

Sheep Transport Ship GIF

13. On the way there, you might die.

Sad Crowded Sheep We Animals

14. Once you got there, you’d probably be killed without being stunned first.

Twitching Sheep

15. If you were a sheep, you probably wouldn’t want anyone to wear your wool.

Wearing sheep-friendly materials is easier than ever, so do them a favor and never wear wool! Don’t forget to share, too. 😉

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  • 587 days ago

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    evil people!>:( dont touch those sheep anymore you fools!!

  • Profile photo of trism91

    619 days ago

    VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


    It’s easy to forget about these kinds of industries where the animals aren’t actually killed for the product they produce (meat, leather, fur, etc.) Thanks for always reminding us!

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