What's In Your Hot Dog?

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Posted July 11, 2012 by peta2 staff

Do you know what you’re eating?!

Ever wondered what’s in a hot dog? I have! And if you’re not eating veggie dogs, you may be shocked to find out what’s really in that hot dog you just ate!

Hot dogs contain the leftovers that aren’t usable in other meat products. They’re typically made of trimmings and fat, high fructose corn syrup, chemicals, flavorings, and even food dye to hide the actual color of the flesh.

Just another reason why you should be eating real food like fruits and vegetables—you know, food that doesn’t have to be dyed or processed. When you have to change the appearance of food in order to convince yourself to eat it, it’s probably more than safe to say that you shouldn’t eat it at all.

Whitney Calk
A 2011 article in The Local East Village said that people who eat meaty hot dogs get much more than they bargain for, including glass, plastic, metal, bone, rodents, and other miscellaneous ingredients. What else is packed into a hot dog? Things like saturated fat and cholesterol, which contribute to the risk of developing preventable illnesses like obesity, many forms of cancer, and heart disease!

So now that you’ve learned about or had a quick refresher on hot dogs, it’s time to cook up some yummy veggie hot dogs! Yum! :)

What do you put on your veggie hot dogs? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Profile photo of classybritt13

    823 days ago

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  • Profile photo of shmitty

    1012 days ago

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    exuse me wile i go vomit…

  • Profile photo of Destinee96

    1039 days ago

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    great to find whats in hot dogs ! cant wait to try the veggie hot dogs!<3

  • Profile photo of firefly2552025

    1060 days ago

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    Pink slime, anyone?
    *Meat-eaters got OWNED*

  • Profile photo of Josi

    1070 days ago

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    I use linda mcartney sausages or quorn (i’m not vegan just veggi) I do fried onions, cheese and ketchup lots and lots of ketchup 😀

  • Profile photo of latias

    1090 days ago

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    I’ve never actually had a veggie hotdog as of yet- mainly because a lot of them are still crappy for your health. I guess that hotdogs being bad for you, no matter the form, is the nature of the beast, but does anyone know of any that are at least decent, while still not tasting like pig vomit?

  • Profile photo of DarceyPotts

    1090 days ago

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    Ketchup [oh yeah, I’m pretty crazy] and sometimes dairy-free cheese ^.^

  • Profile photo of Justinmccrory

    1091 days ago

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    faux meats are processed?

    • Profile photo of

      1083 days ago

      VN:F [1.9.22_1171]


      Hey Justin,

      Vegan meats are healthy, fresh and no animals are harmed in the making! You can’t say that about non-vegan hot dogs.

      ~Rachel S. with peta2

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    Dedicated to animals..

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    As a kid, I was and am still curious about the great big world we live in, and I thought nothing of animal abuse. But for some or no completely good reasons, I was getting sicker and weaker. Then one day I heard about PETA while I was on the internet. I got a little curious, and I went veg after finding out meat was one of the reasons I was sicker. Right now, I'm still trying to give up meat for my health. But I'm getting there!

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    Hi! My name is Cassie. I have been a vegetarian for over six years, and I love cats, books, music, and am mildly obsessed with anime~

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